Tuesday, September 21, 2010

YogaMama (Weightloss - a - palooza)

I haven't posted about my weight loss journey in a while and thought id give you all an update on how things are going for me.
I started my journey around the end of June/beginning of July of this summer and I started by going to the gym and doing a couple of highly intense cardio classes like cardio kickbox, bootcamp, and full body toning (OUCH). I did see results from these classes and from doing cardio on the treadmill and stationary bikes but let me tell you about my most favorite fitness practice...YOGA!
I have wanted to do yoga for years & years and always put it off because I felt bad about spending the money on myself to take the classes or to buy a nice mat, or I was busy with my babies, or busy moving around and focusing on other things than myself, hence why I managed to gain 75lbs :(
So when I joined the gym and noticed they had yoga classes that were included in the membership, I was so super excited to try it out!
I fell in love from day one! I love the way it makes my body feel long, lean, and strong! I love the way it helps me to connect to myself and to relax and let go of the stress that my body seems to want to always hold on to. I love the way it makes me feel confident in myself and proud of myself when I am able to execute a pose that I thought was too hard or that I wasn't flexible enough for...I just love it in SO many ways!
Since starting my yoga classes I have stopped going to those killer cardio classes altogether. The only other fitness classes I attend are Pilates (which I also love and I feel yoga & pilates compliment each other very nicely!).
To anyone who says you cant get fit and cant loose weight with just yoga alone...they are lying to you! I am living proof that you CAN get fit and you CAN loose weight with doing yoga! I have lost over 20lbs! and I'm still steadily loosing. I feel great, I look great and I attribute it to taking care of myself, and one of my favorite ways to do that is practicing yoga.
I even aspire to teach yoga to others one day! Ill be 30 next summer and I think I've FINALLY figured out what I want to be when I grow up...a yoga teacher!
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