Friday, May 14, 2010

Earth Store

Are you an eco conscious, eco responsible mom? Thinking of going green, or already there? Then I have a fabulous store to share with you that I'm sure you will love as much as I do!
A good online friend of mine Jen is the owner of Earth Store, which features products for a better, healthier life for you and your family. As it says on the home page of the store site....

We here at EarthStore have one common goal;

Help provide a healthy way of life to as many communities as possible.

We specialize in Organic/natural, handmade/homemade products.

Together we can make our life as consumers, a better life for us and our


Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Well, that's because it is! Please take the time to visit Jens great store and pass on the link to all your friends and family who may be interested in the products she offers.

The Earth Store also has a facebook fan page that I hope all of you will "like"...I hear a giveaway is in order once the page hits 200 fans, which they are VERY close to doing! Check it out and be sure to join so you wont miss out on any new product info or specials the Earth Store may have to offer in the future.

Also, if you are a WAHM, the store is looking for more great products to offer. You can consign your products and sell through the store, all it takes is getting in touch with Jen! If you think you have an item or product that the store may be looking for, something you have lovingly made and that you believe in and stand behind, just follow the simple instructions posted on the site to start consigning and selling via the Earth Store.

* Lets all come together and support the homemade/handmade/WAHM made movement and show the Earth Store some love!*

Until next time...peace.

Friday Feature ~ Woot!

I'm excited about this new feature to my blog! Every Friday I will do a special feature, it may be a website I love, a product I love, a charity or organization I love, a homeschool curriculum or tool that I love ect. ect.

This is the very 1st Friday feature and its a website that I *LOVE* called Woot!. Woot! posts a new awesome deal everyday for your shopping pleasure, Tuesdays are 2 for days, and from time to time they hold whats called a Woot Off where they post deals all day long, a deal will be up until it sells out and then another awesome deal takes its place...during the woot off most loyal woot followers are always keeping their eyes peeled for the elusive BOC (Box of crap), the BOC is a mystery box, you have no clue what will be in it...some people report getting really amazing products in their boxes and others report getting items that can only be described as....well....crap, its a gamble and for some it pays off big and others it doesn't but the fun of it is even being able to snag a BOC, they usually sell out super super fast.
One of my favorite features of Woot! is that the shipping is always the same, always 5.00, and that can come in handy when ordering a more expensive or larger item.
Woot! also has "sister" sites...Kids.woot!, Shirt.woot!, Wine.woot! and Sellout.woot! all of which feature products directly related to its name. As a mom to small kids I personally love Kids.woot! Ive snagged some very good deals on toys for my kiddos on more than one occasion, at least 50% off of retail which is enough to make me smile :)
So, check it out! I'm sure you wont be disappointed! and don't get discouraged if the item they have up today isn't something you are interested in, just add Woot! to your favorites list and check back everyday, maybe tomorrows item will strike your fancy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Giveaway Link! EO Healthy Hands Gift Set (40.00 Value)

Check it out! I love this product line, I've tried the hand cream and hand soap before and cant say enough great things about it, sadly when I moved I moved to an area where these products are not carried it seems, I've not been able to find them in any of my local stores :( SO, when I saw this giveaway I knew I had to enter! YOU can enter too...just follow this link over to Just Another New Blog and put in your entries.
Good luck ladies!!!!!

Split personality

I am convinced my son Jake has a split personality disorder. At school or anywhere else but home he is a perfect angel of a child, everyone loves him, thinks he is so sweet and could do no wrong....and, they would be wrong :)
I volunteered to help out at Jake's preschool this morning for an hour while his teachers got to enjoy a nice catered lunch in honor of teacher appreciation day (and boy do they deserve it, I don't know how on earth they deal with those wild kids everyday!). As soon as I got there, Jake came running up to me and gave me a huge bear hug, kissed my nose and said " I love you mommy". Its enough to melt your heart, right? He continues on to wave at me from across the room and yell "That's my mom, I love her" would think I was the mother of the year the way Jake was going on and on. I get to sit next to him as he eats his lunch and he sits so nice and still and hardly makes a peep, he eats all of his food and cleans up his area when he is done, goes to get his rest mat just like he is supposed to and proceeds to lay down and actually closes his eyes and takes a short nap!!!! (this NEVER happens at home anymore, he stopped taking naps at 2 1/2)
I was beginning to think something was wrong with the boy, he was being too good and being too sweet for something NOT to be wrong :)
Just to give you an idea of why I was so surprised, ill tell you about how Jake behaves normally at home. We start ALL of our days without fail at 6:30 am to the sound of Jake making some sort of God awful annoying sound trying his hardest to wake either my husband or myself up to come downstairs with him as he is now wiiiiide awake and ready to go play. So one of us will roll out of bed, already grumpy at how our day is starting (again, since this happens EVERY day) and stomp down the stairs with him while he proceeds to play with his Thomas trains...and Jake cant play with his trains softly, no, they each have a very unique train whistle sound that is enough to make a dogs ears bleed. By this time if I'm not awake already, I stumble out of bed and try to throw on some clothes without waking the baby because he isn't too pleasant himself first thing in the morning. My daughter can some how sleep through all of this, bless her heart.
Breakfast is almost always a struggle because Jake wants an ice pop or a piece of chocolate for his meal and I want him to have cheerios and a banana, a melt down ensues until he finally gives in and eats the cheerios.
Getting dressed is yet another struggle. Jake is what I refer to as a serial streaker, he likes to parade around the house in nothing but underpants and many times he takes those off too and will be streaking around naked as a Jay bird...this all takes place in about a minutes time, ill have him completely dressed and go to the kitchen to pour a glass of OJ and look back to see him naked.
Once I finally get him dressed and the clothes are staying on, its time to gather his school things and get in the van to head out. All the way to school Jake will talk....and talk and talk and talk, about any and everything, there isn't a moments peace with him in the car. The talking I can deal with unless its not really talking and has turned into Jake's signature whiny voice that mimics the train whistle sounds that make dogs ears bleed :(  Its like nails on a chalkboard for me but it doesn't seem to bother him one bit.
So, I'm sure you can draw a mental picture of how the rest of our day goes. But for that 4 hours 3 days a week he is at preschool, its like he switches personalities and becomes a totally different child. He listens nearly perfectly to his teacher, he is sweet and kind to the other kids in class, he uses his manners, he is an angel.
Ive told his teachers how differently he is at home and I seriously don't think they believe me, but sadly, I am being totally honest. I love him with all of my heart! He is a smart smart kid and he really cracks me up sometimes with his silly humor, but gracious is he a terror about 80% of the time he is home with me. I keep hoping he will outgrow this....but I've been telling myself this since he turned 2 and now he is 4 1/2 and its not much better at all. Ive just gotta keep telling myself "He wont be a kid forever, he wont be a kid forever...."

Until next time...peace.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life, made easier!

I am all about products that make life easier! Anything to streamline a process that I do often is sure to be a hit with me. There are so many products out now that just make me say "WOW, wish I had thought of that" you ever have those moments?
One of my favorite products is a diaper bag that contains a built in diaper wipe dispenser under the front flap, you just open and digging around in your messy bag for the wipes container, no lugging around a seperate item for wipes because its built right into the bag, you cant loose it (this one is big for me as I loose things, a lot.) Check out the daypack from When I first discovered this bag it truly was one of those "wish I had thought of that" moments!

Lets see...How about Kipiis bib clips! These are so simple, yet so genius...they allow you to turn anything from a paper towel to a cloth diaper, a restaurant napkin to a washcloth into a bib that will stay secured to your baby, and when your done you just toss the napkin or wash the cloth! I know I got a thousand and 1 bibs as baby shower gifts and its not that I didn't appreciate or need them, because I did, but I had SO many AND despite having so many I never seemed to remember to have enough in my bag when I went out. Bibs also went the way of  baby socks in my house for some reason, they just started disappearing to God knows where never to be seen just having the 1 item to keep in the bag is SO much easier for a person like me! You could get two, 1 for the diaper bag and 1 for home if you like.

What about you moms? What are the products that make your life easier? That you cant live without? Share!!!

Babys 1st dentist appointment

Baby Joe has his very 1st dentist appointment today and needless to say, I'm pretty nervous about it. You just never know how a child is going to react to having a complete stranger fish around inside their mouth, if they will totally flip out and have a fit, if they will even unclamp their jaws for the doc to take a look, or if they will just be a little angel and cooperate! My other 2 did very well on their first visits so I'm hoping that the 3rd times a charm and the pattern continues...but I'm not so delusional to think that ill get lucky all 3 times, but here's to hoping!

How did your kids do during the very 1st dentist appointment? Have any interesting stories for me,triumphant moments ect. Maybe share a funny dentist story to give me a good laugh so I can ease my nerves about the situation :)

And pictures are to come, that is, if the dentists will even allow me to take any!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Any LOST fans out there?

I am a hard core fan of the television show LOST on ABC! Ive been watching since the very 1st episode of season 1 and think I only missed 2 episode between then and now but my wonderful hubby got me seasons 1 through 5 on DVD for Christmas (he is so awesome!).

I am really really sad that the show is coming to an end on the 24th of this month :( I don't think I've ever been so into a show ever, most likely wont be again, there is just something about LOST that has always intrigued me and entertained me....the mystery, the drama, the questions (and very few answers), the characters. I will miss it when its gone.

Do any of you watch LOST? Share! Whats your favorite season? episode? character(s)? How do you think the show will end? Do you think all the fans questions will be answered? Will we all be left hanging wondering what the heck just happened? I'm excited (yet still very sad) to see how Darlton (the producers of the show, Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse) will wrap things up!

Only 1 more new episode before the finale event, which I believe is going to be like 3 hours long total!!!!

Link to Boyd silver works necklace GIVEAWAY!

I hope to bring lots of exciting giveaways and product reviews to this blog via myself or from other bloggers. I love winning something or snagging a great deal, it seriously makes my day! I mean, who doesn't love getting something for nothing?!?! I know I do :) and technically its not for nothing, you have to take the time to put in your entries, but hey, that takes but a few minutes of your day and you could be the lucky winner of something awesome!

Here is a link to a giveaway on another great blog, its a very beautiful breast cancer awareness pendant and necklace, check out the link with all the info and put your entries in for this super pretty piece of awareness jewelery!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Open to suggestions

Since im new at this and honestly flying by the seat of my pants, I need the help of some more seasoned bloggers!
If you ever have a suggestion for this blog...topics I should write about, links or info I should share, ANY suggestions (but please be nice and constructive!)at all are always welcomed. Dont be afraid to contact me, im fairly friendly :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I was wrong (shocker!)

"If I can update my facebook status I can blog, right?"


To build a good looking blog it takes much more knowledge than it does to update your facebook status, just so you know.
This blog is going to go through a lot of growing pains, so be patient and bear with me as I try to make it something special!

My first time ;)

It seems like all the cool moms have a blog and I've been feeling left out...I'm cool, damn it, and I must have a blog as well, so here it is, my first blog posting!!
I haven't much clue yet what sorts of things ill even blog about, I'm just setting out to see what this is all about and if I can hack it. I do have 3 amazing, yet crazy kids that im sure will supply me with endless fodder of which to share with the blogosphere, most of which im sure will bore most folks to tears but it will be my life...which is yes, boring to the point of tears at times, but its also wonderful, amazing, fun, exciting, challenging, tiring, nerve wracking, exhausting, stressful and any other word you can think of!
I'm not too technologically inclined and thus this may prove to be harder than I thought, but if I can update my facebook status, I can blog...right? Well, lets hope so! If you spent the 2 minutes it takes to read this far, bless you, I hope to produce a blog that will...will.....umm, im not sure, inspire? entertain? educate? 1 of those things? All of those things? We shall see!
Until the next time...peace.
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