Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Babys 1st dentist appointment

Baby Joe has his very 1st dentist appointment today and needless to say, I'm pretty nervous about it. You just never know how a child is going to react to having a complete stranger fish around inside their mouth, if they will totally flip out and have a fit, if they will even unclamp their jaws for the doc to take a look, or if they will just be a little angel and cooperate! My other 2 did very well on their first visits so I'm hoping that the 3rd times a charm and the pattern continues...but I'm not so delusional to think that ill get lucky all 3 times, but here's to hoping!

How did your kids do during the very 1st dentist appointment? Have any interesting stories for me,triumphant moments ect. Maybe share a funny dentist story to give me a good laugh so I can ease my nerves about the situation :)

And pictures are to come, that is, if the dentists will even allow me to take any!

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