Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pear Tree Greetings Address Label Giveaway

What else could you do with an address label? Think outside the box, what are other ways to use these fabulously stylish stickers? Add your comments for a chance to win five sets of address labels (up to 120 labels!) from Pear Tree Greetings!

One lucky winner will be selected at random!

See Pear Tree Greetings' entire collection of Labels
Pear Tree Greetings is a fun, fresh and affordable personalized stationery company that offers

Baby-Announcements,Birth-Announcements,Birthday-Invitations,Stationery,Personalized-Note-Cards and more! 

For the month of June you can enjoy

10% off all orders over $19!

Use Code PEARJUN10


1. MANDATORY ENTRY ~ Visit the Pear Tree Greetings site and tell me your favorite design of address labels.

                                                                       BONUS ENTRIES

2. Follow me on twitter (see button on sidebar) and tweet this giveaway being sure to link to my blog and leave me a comment with a link to your tweet (1 tweet per day, leave comment for each tweet)

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Blaze 'n' Crochet: Strider PREBike Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Blaze 'n' Crochet: Strider PREBike Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Go Visit Blaze n Crochet for your chance to win a strider prebike,
such an awesome and versatile little bike! I know my 2 boys would
LOVE one! My 8 year old girl would probably want to ride around on
it too :) Don't know if it could hold all of my "loveliness" :) but im sure
the kids would make me try!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Invisibelt Review & Giveaway!

Have you ever come across a product and you wonder to yourself how on earth you have never heard of it because its so great and you think EVERYONE should have one? That is exactly how I felt when I came across the Invisibelt! Today's fashions contain lots of low rise pants and fitted shirts and sometimes those pants don't fit us quite right in the waist, sometimes they are just a taaaaaad bit too large. We don't want to spend our hard earned money or our time (just as valuable as our money!) going to a tailor to get every pair of pants that doesn't fit us just right taken in, and we certainly don't want to throw those pants in our closet and go buy a new pair, I don't know anyone who likes throwing money away like that! And who wants their bulky belt buckle to show through their cute fitted top? Who needs (or wants) that extra bulk?
This is where the Invisibelt comes in and saves the day! It is a very thin, virtually undetectable, plastic belt that when worn under fitted tops wont show off any belt buckle bulge (because there isn't any!) and it keeps those pants that don't fit just perfect perfectly in place! Eliminate that frustration of having to pull and tug your pants up all day because they just wont stay in place, and eliminate the bulk and bulge of traditional belts and their buckles...because goodness knows *I* don't need any extra bulk around MY middle :)

Pictures of *ME* in my very own Invisibelt coming soon! I'm having camera difficulties :(

The maker of the Invisibelt,Kathy Kramer also has a belt that is perfect for use during pregnancy, the Invisibump by Invisibelt for Liz Lange. I don't know any pregnant woman who wants to add any extra bulk to her middle during those beginning stages when she is not quite ready for the maternity sizes but her regular pants might be getting a bit snug, those larger sizes might still be a bit big so a belt is needed and the Invisibump is PERFECT! And just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you want to give up your style and wear large, baggy, frumpy tops, you want to still wear your cute fitted tops and I'm sure you don't want the bulk and bulge of your traditional belt buckle showing through! The Invisibump is also great for that stage after pregnancy when you are between sizes...truly, the invisibump is the ONLY belt a pregnant woman will need from the time she learns of her upcoming bundle of joy and on through the post partum period. The invisibump is different from the invisibelt in that it has a bit of stretch making it super comfy and versatile for every stage of change during the pregnancy and post partum time.

If you are now saying to yourself, "Man, I really NEED an Invisibelt!" Well, you are in luck! because the maker of the Invisibelt, Kathy Kramer has graciously sent me TWO Invisibelts to giveaway to two of my blog readers, 1 Naked (clear) and 1Noir (black)

                                                        !!!!!!!GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!!!
1.First things first, I need you to visit the Invisibelt website 
and under the GIRL tab at the top, tell me which of the kids collection invisibelts is your favorite.
*This must be done before any other entries, if not, all your entries will be deleted*

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5.Blog about this review & giveaway on your blog making sure to link back to MY blog and come leave me a link to your blog posting (4 extra entries for this!)

So that gives you *8* total entries(more if you tweet it out everyday!) for your chance to win 1 of 2 Invisibelts!
This giveaway will end at 12 noon on June, 11th. 2 winners will be chosen at random and will have 48 hours to respond before new winners are chosen. I will email the winners so PLEASE make sure to put your email address in ALL your entries so I have a way to contact you! Open to U.S. residents ONLY.

Disclaimer ~ The above opinions expressed are mine alone. I was not paid for my review but was sent an Invisibelt to try to facilitate my review, no other monetary compensation was offered or accepted.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Fun ~ Camping!

My daughter is getting ready to go on her very 1st overnight camping trip with the girl scouts and she is so super excited! This will actually be her 1st camping experience ever, so I'm hoping that she has a wonderful time BECAUSE, I plan for us to camp as a family at some point this summer!

Its been a very long time since I've gone camping, actually, I was in the Army last time I slept outside in a tent and I don't guess you could really call that a camping trip :) More like camping hell...I had to set up my own shelter half...which is NOTHING like your standard family sized tents you buy at Target or Wal Mart! Its a tiny piece of fabric and a few poles and its just big enough for you and if necessary, 1 other person. Belanna should just be glad that they have cabins at the campground the girl scouts will be using!

I do look forward to camping as a family though, I think it brings families closer together and provides for opportunities that staying in a hotel would not afford, Like, building a campfire and roasting marshmallows and making s'mores together! Or, telling ghost stories in the dark...going on nature walks, just enjoying the great outdoors, which is something so many don't do these days with the all inclusive resort being the #1 choice of most summer time travelers. I want to actually spend time with my kids without the distraction of a television set or a video game system, I want us to TALK (imagine that concept) and enjoy each others company , instead of worrying about the length of the lines at the amusement park I want us to get excited about the strength of the rapids in the river!

So here is to hoping my kiddo has a great time on her 1st camping trip and that she will become excited at the idea of us camping as a family this summer! I'm already excited about it just from writing this post!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sole Plus

I want to share with you all a WONDERFUL organization that is doing great things with and for many young people across the country. Sole Plus  (founded by a guy I went to high school with!) is a footwear design competition with the goal of promoting social activism & awareness among our youth....actually, ill let the folks at Sole Plus explain the exact mission of the organization and contest!


Sole Plus is a high school footwear design competition that was founded on the quote by Pablo Picasso, “Art washes away from the [sole] the dust of everyday life.” The SOLES of our shoes collect dust and dirt from places traveled in the same way that our SOULS collect dust through life’s trials. The Sole Plus design competition metaphorically washes the dust and dirt from the SOULS of our young artists by providing them with an avenue of expression. Sole Plus literally washes away the dust and dirt from the SOLES of our shoe recipients by providing a needed pair of shoes to replace old ones.

The Sole Plus shoe design contest is more that art creation. It is a competition whose aim is to create a unique fusion of artistic expression and social activism for young artists and designers. It is a unique and focused program that gives today’s youth a boisterous voice to bring awareness to the artist’s chosen cause. The contest provides young designers with the opportunity to use their artistic abilities for something other than art for art’s sake. It in affect allows the artist to creatively leave his or her own footprint. Sole Plus offers a real world application of their skills as well as the opportunity to directly connect with individuals in need.

The goal of Sole Plus is twofold. The first focus is to encourage students to present their own message for social change. Students are challenged to create their message thoughtfully as well as artistically using Converse All Stars as their canvas.

The pilot for the initiative started in October, 2009. The first level of competition included individual students who competed within their classes to design a shoe that depicts a social message of their choice.

Students were free to be creative and were encouraged to think outside of the box. The only rules were:

1) The design must have a social message

2) The shoe must be wearable.

During the pilot design contest, student winners were chosen based on their message, aesthetics and presentation. On average, each class had two winners whose design was placed in the organization wide competition and two winners whose shoes were donated to youth from a local shelter within their community.

Sole Plus has created partnerships with women and children shelters throughout the United States. We work very closely with the staff to identify students who have excelled academically, made strides to achieve their personal goals and who are exemplary residents. Through our collaboration, Student designers are able to personally deliver their handmade shoes to these recipients. In addition to tapping into artistic talents, students receive the gratification of using those same skills and talents to help a child in need


I get excited thinking about the possibilities Sole Plus is opening up for so many young people! Inspiring them to be creative for a cause, for something bigger than themselves! I hope you will join me in supporting Sole Plus!
PLEASE visit the Sole Plus Facebook page and show them some love! Please "like" and post an encouraging comment telling them you think what they are doing is a great thing for our young people! Because it IS!
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