Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Fun ~ Camping!

My daughter is getting ready to go on her very 1st overnight camping trip with the girl scouts and she is so super excited! This will actually be her 1st camping experience ever, so I'm hoping that she has a wonderful time BECAUSE, I plan for us to camp as a family at some point this summer!

Its been a very long time since I've gone camping, actually, I was in the Army last time I slept outside in a tent and I don't guess you could really call that a camping trip :) More like camping hell...I had to set up my own shelter half...which is NOTHING like your standard family sized tents you buy at Target or Wal Mart! Its a tiny piece of fabric and a few poles and its just big enough for you and if necessary, 1 other person. Belanna should just be glad that they have cabins at the campground the girl scouts will be using!

I do look forward to camping as a family though, I think it brings families closer together and provides for opportunities that staying in a hotel would not afford, Like, building a campfire and roasting marshmallows and making s'mores together! Or, telling ghost stories in the dark...going on nature walks, just enjoying the great outdoors, which is something so many don't do these days with the all inclusive resort being the #1 choice of most summer time travelers. I want to actually spend time with my kids without the distraction of a television set or a video game system, I want us to TALK (imagine that concept) and enjoy each others company , instead of worrying about the length of the lines at the amusement park I want us to get excited about the strength of the rapids in the river!

So here is to hoping my kiddo has a great time on her 1st camping trip and that she will become excited at the idea of us camping as a family this summer! I'm already excited about it just from writing this post!


  1. Make lots of S'mores......yummie !!!!!!

  2. I hope she has a blast!! I used to take my kids camping all summer long with all the other moms in my group!! I lived in Oregon then, so camping was great (although outside of that, not a huge Oregon fan--too much rain!)

    My son actually potty-trained himself at 15 months old by peeing on trees. (He would love me posting that, I'm sure!!)

    I'm visiting you from the MBC and look forward to seeing more of you!!

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  7. I LOVED camping with the fam as a kid. Just make sure you have plenty of s'mores, and it'll be great :-)

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