Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life, made easier!

I am all about products that make life easier! Anything to streamline a process that I do often is sure to be a hit with me. There are so many products out now that just make me say "WOW, wish I had thought of that" you ever have those moments?
One of my favorite products is a diaper bag that contains a built in diaper wipe dispenser under the front flap, you just open and digging around in your messy bag for the wipes container, no lugging around a seperate item for wipes because its built right into the bag, you cant loose it (this one is big for me as I loose things, a lot.) Check out the daypack from When I first discovered this bag it truly was one of those "wish I had thought of that" moments!

Lets see...How about Kipiis bib clips! These are so simple, yet so genius...they allow you to turn anything from a paper towel to a cloth diaper, a restaurant napkin to a washcloth into a bib that will stay secured to your baby, and when your done you just toss the napkin or wash the cloth! I know I got a thousand and 1 bibs as baby shower gifts and its not that I didn't appreciate or need them, because I did, but I had SO many AND despite having so many I never seemed to remember to have enough in my bag when I went out. Bibs also went the way of  baby socks in my house for some reason, they just started disappearing to God knows where never to be seen just having the 1 item to keep in the bag is SO much easier for a person like me! You could get two, 1 for the diaper bag and 1 for home if you like.

What about you moms? What are the products that make your life easier? That you cant live without? Share!!!


  1. Ok so it's not a mom thing really, but I LOVE my Nook! I love that the minute I finish a book, I can download another without even leaving my house. How awesome is that?
    The Keurig coffee maker - oh yeah - all over it. These are just two things that bring SO much joy to my life. Definitely wish they were my idea....

  2. I want a book reader SO badly! I have a friend with a Kindle and she just loves it and I love the idea of being able to have many many books but they arent taking up space in my home...because between toys and other kid stuff, I dont have too much extra space for bookshelves.
    My hubby is more the coffee junkie than I am, I like the idea of the Keurig...Jamie is brand loyal with coffee though so im not sure if he would like the flavors of the pods or not...I like that there isnt a Karaffe to wash :)

  3. Geez, when my kids were little, the hottest thing was disposable diapers :-)

    Almost makes me want a baby again- NOT!

    Have a great day!

  4. LOL Carolee! Ya know, some moms actually choose to cloth diaper these days! but they are much different than they used to be, I actually cloth diaper my youngest about 60% of the many choices, and no more pins and plastic pants covers :)

    and you have a great day as well, thanks for your comment!


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