Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Feature ~ Woot!

I'm excited about this new feature to my blog! Every Friday I will do a special feature, it may be a website I love, a product I love, a charity or organization I love, a homeschool curriculum or tool that I love ect. ect.

This is the very 1st Friday feature and its a website that I *LOVE* called Woot!. Woot! posts a new awesome deal everyday for your shopping pleasure, Tuesdays are 2 for days, and from time to time they hold whats called a Woot Off where they post deals all day long, a deal will be up until it sells out and then another awesome deal takes its place...during the woot off most loyal woot followers are always keeping their eyes peeled for the elusive BOC (Box of crap), the BOC is a mystery box, you have no clue what will be in it...some people report getting really amazing products in their boxes and others report getting items that can only be described as....well....crap, its a gamble and for some it pays off big and others it doesn't but the fun of it is even being able to snag a BOC, they usually sell out super super fast.
One of my favorite features of Woot! is that the shipping is always the same, always 5.00, and that can come in handy when ordering a more expensive or larger item.
Woot! also has "sister" sites...Kids.woot!, Shirt.woot!, Wine.woot! and Sellout.woot! all of which feature products directly related to its name. As a mom to small kids I personally love Kids.woot! Ive snagged some very good deals on toys for my kiddos on more than one occasion, at least 50% off of retail which is enough to make me smile :)
So, check it out! I'm sure you wont be disappointed! and don't get discouraged if the item they have up today isn't something you are interested in, just add Woot! to your favorites list and check back everyday, maybe tomorrows item will strike your fancy.


  1. cool site.
    found you through mbc and i'm following you now!

  2. nice! I will absolutely check this out!

  3. Hey I found you on MBC. That sounds like a cool site!

  4. Hey, following from MBC. Great site!


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