Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Torture or Relaxation?

As a busy mom to 3 wild and crazy kiddos, I am always looking for ways to destress and relax and let go of the chaos of my days. For the past 6 months ive been practicing yoga which has helped me a lot with calming down and clearing my mind, but sometimes I need more.
This is where the Lotus Healing Mat comes in! Now, at first glance the lotus mat looks like the LAST thing you would use for relaxation, its covered in thousands of tiny spikes that you are supposed to lay down on with a bare back!
Trust me, I was thinking the same thing you are probably thinking when I first heard of the mat... No way could I lay on that and feel relaxed, ouch!
Well, let me tell really works and I really feel relaxed after using it! I am truly amazed at how great I sleep when I use the mat before bed, its fantastic!
I want to urge you to not be afraid of the appearance of the Lotus Healing Mat, just try it and get ready to experience all the great benefits!
The first time you use the mat it will be slightly painful, not unbearable, but it takes about 5 - 10 minutes before you start to really relax and enjoy the sensation and if it helps you could lay a thin sheet over the mat...but even with scars on my back from a past car accident I could lay on the mat bare quickly get over the ouch factor!
There are so many issuea that canbe helped by laying on the mat... Stress, insomnia, anxiety and more... And you wont know if the Lotus healing mat can help heal you unless you get it and use it and experience it like so many others already have.

You can learn more about the Lotus Healing Mat by visiting their official website at And you can find them on Facebook as well!/lotushealingmat

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