Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adding Tabs & Other Changes!

If my blog looks wonky or functions wonky for the rest of this month, its because I'm going to be making lots of changes to the way Menagerie looks and feels! I'm excited about it, and just wanted you all to know that its a work in progress so please excuse the "mess" as I work out all the kinks and hopefully bring you all a much better, new & improved Menagerie experience! I will be adding page tabs, but they probably wont be functioning for a bit so you will still need to scroll down the page to read other posts, a pain I know, that's why I'm trying to get specific pages set up so there is less scrolling. I may even change my page theme and layout, who knows!

And I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all my followers & readers! Menagerie has only been "open for business" so to speak since the middle of May and I now have over 100 google friend connect followers! I'm new to the world of blogging and still learning as I go and I'm just so thrilled that anyone would even want to read the ramblings of little ole me :)  I appreciate you all and hope you will continue to stick around during these growing stages, for there are great things to come!

I look forward to bringing you lots more product reviews and giveaways as well so be sure to check back often, I will still be reviewing and hosting giveaways while improving the site, so be sure not to miss out!


  1. Hi and thanks so much for the follow! As promised, I'm here to follow you back via GFC and I'm also following via Twitter.

    Happy hump day!

  2. Hi Liz, nice blog design.. Just love those colors. follow you per twittermoms visit my blog when you get a


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