Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Year Older

Today is my 29th birthday, the last year of my 20's. I am actually excited to be on the downward slope towards 30! The older I get the closer I am to the point in my life where I will be able to enjoy more freedom, more time to spend with my hubby and doing things that I've not been able to do my entire 20's because I've been having & raising my kids.
I had my 1st child pretty young, I met my hubby at 19 years old, got married at 20 and had our first child at 21. She was our "honeymoon" (if you can call an evening at the San Antonio HoJo a honeymoon) baby, and it definitely wasn't planned that way but sometimes things happen no matter what we may do to prevent them!
I went on to have my 2nd child at 25 years old and I was 27 when I had my 3rd (and FINAL!) baby who is now 18 months old. SO, I've been pretty busy my entire 20's being pregnant, having babies, and doing the "mommy" thing. Now, I love my kiddos SO very much! They are my world and as much as they may aggravated me and drive me up the walls at times, id not trade them for anything. I have sacrificed a lot for my children and I do it willingly because I love them so very very much! But I cant lie...I really do look forward to when they are a bit older and my husband and I can go out more, enjoy evenings not filled with diaper changes, wet beds, nightmares and tummy aches. It will be a bit nice when they are more self sufficient and don't need me for every little thing from pouring drinks to wiping behinds.

I say these things now huh? But I'm sure when they are older I will look back on these days with such fondness and such sadness that they are over. I will look back on the times that made me feel completely crazy and laugh at them, the times that made me angry and be happy for the experience and the lessons I learned and person I've become.

Well, here is to 29 great years! They haven't always been sunshine & roses, I've had good times & bad but all in all, I've had a pretty darn good life, I've been blessed more than I deserve,  and I look forward to many, many, MANY more happy years with my family and friends!


  1. Happy Birthday :) I feel like an old soul who shouldn't be only 23 lol. All my friends are above 25 :)

  2. That was sweet to read. I am in my late 30 and i still long for more babies. I understand though. I am sure it will come a time when i want them all in school and get my sanity back! LOL
    I like you and your blog. Come follow me back :)

  3. Happy Birthday hon.Im with Shanna I definitely feel like an old soul.Havent felt like Im in my 20s since I hit them lol. Im sure when Im in my 70s Ill be praying to feel this way lol. Anyway enjoy hon!

  4. Thank you ladies so much for the comments!
    Ive always felt older than I am, I did "grow up" a lot faster than a lot of my peers so im sure that has a lot to do with it. People do think its odd that I look forward to turning 30 but I do! ill finally be catching up with how old I REALLY feel :)

  5. Happy 29th birthday! I just turned 29 too and am excited about my 30's coming up too...lots to enjoy!!


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