Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Feature ~ Dilly Dally And Flitter Blog

I have become rather addicted to reading other blogs and finding those diamonds in the rough that are so fun to read and full of great content that I think everyone should subscribe to and/or follow and today I came across a fantastic blog that I am LOVING! DillyDally And Flitter is the perfect blog to check out if you are a crafty type person, you like reusing and repurposing things into cute and super useful new items, of if you aspire to be crafty and just need fresh new ideas (this is me!) this is definitely the blog for you!
Some of my favorite projects featured on this blog are...this really cool use for your used water bottles
and how she changed these every day household containers into cute and fashionable storage containers, you cant even tell what they once were!
Also while you are visiting Dilly Dally And Flitter be sure to take a look at these extremely useful and fashionable Dangle Bangles that the blog owner sells in her shop...they are so pretty, I want a few to coordinate with different outfits :)
So lets all show this blog some love, stop by and check out all her wonderful craft projects and ideas and if you like it as much as I do, be sure to become a follower!


  1. really cute blog! glad you featured her... can't wait to poke around!

  2. Thank You for adding my button! You have a really cute blog! I tried to add your button {and I will} but i have to have the person that did my layout fix the code thing?? It's showing up as a ? box. So . . . Anyhow, Thank You!! :)

  3. My button is all wonky, I need to have it fixed, im actually going to be having the entire blog redesigned soon! so there will most likely be a new button altogether soon!

  4. love your page, but I cant get in!


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