Monday, May 17, 2010


My weekend was pretty uneventful with very few meltdowns from the kids and several really fun moments, I cant complain about it at all really!
On Sunday I had been invited to come to an Ardyss party at my daughters girl scout leaders home. D (as ill call her) had told me about it a couple times over the last few weeks and she seemed SO excited about the products that Ardyss has available, they specialize in body shaping garments, vitamin supplements and wellness products and skin care and cosmetic products, she had even shown me a couple photos of lady friends of hers before and after wearing the shapers....well that right there had be excited and a definite YES for coming to the party!!! It was amazing the difference in these ladies bodies...the love handles and "spare tires" were gone, back flab was gone, boobs were higher, larger and made a big difference that you couldn't miss!

Well...Lord knows I need one of these Body Magics LOL To say I've let myself go since having kids would be an understatement for sure :( After 3 kids I've gained at least 75lbs. from my pre pregnancy weight. Ive tried a few diets but I just love food too much, depriving myself of the foods I love and that taste OH so good is just hard for me, very very hard. Ive also tried being more active and walking my neighborhood with the family, and its not that it doesn't work and doesn't make me feel good because it does, I just cant seem to stay consistent with it...I need a gym membership but that doesn't fit in our budget right now, cause id need childcare for my 3 kiddos which makes it cost more, AND its an expense that has to be factored in every month :( but at least id be more apt to use the gym if I knew I was paying hubby's hard earned money for it each month!

The thing I loved most about the Body Magic is that the results are INSTANT! As soon as you put it on, you drop 2 to 3 dress sizes! It works by moving all your displaced fatty tissues back where they belong, all that flab under your arm pits and around the back near your shoulders, that is all displaced fatty breast tissue! The Body Magic just puts it back where it belongs, giving your breasts an instant lift! It also instantly improves your posture but pulling your shoulders back forcing you to stand up straighter and really do look leaner AND taller when wearing a Body Magic, its great :)
Its also wonderful for post partum, it helps to correct the damage that is done to your abdominal muscles and helps to put all your internal organs back in their proper positions so that they can function the way they are supposed to do. You know that pooch that sits low on your stomach right above your pubic bone? Those of us that have ever had a C section tend to have a more pronounced pooch that sits at or below our incision point, the Body Magic flattens that! Ardyss also has different shapers that are specifically made for pregnancy and the post partum period, they also make products for MEN (my hubby actually wants one of the shaping undershirts!).

I was so excited when I left the party! I plan to purchase what the company calls a "Power Pack" is 299.00 worth of products and you get to mix and match and get whatever you want as long as it totals 299.00. Now, I know what a lot of you are probably thinking (the same thing I initially thought) "Good LAWD that's a lot of money!" But, if you look at what the normal retail is on the products, if you put together a power pack, its actually more affordable than buying your items separately, especially if you are wanting several things (and you WILL want them when you see them in action!). Plus, my hubs is getting a bonus on his next check and my birthday is coming up in June and I didn't get an Anniversary gift this month for our 9th Anniversary (long story, I still love the hubs!) SO, the power pack is what I've chosen as my gift(s).

If you ladies are now sitting on the edge of your seat wanting to know more and wanting to check out these products, please check out Teresa Campbell's website (she was the representative at the party) You will not be sorry you did! There are also opportunities to become a representative with the company if you are looking for a way to make some extra money, and this is a great company with products that most all women would use! If nothing else it doesn't hurt to give the site a look just to see if you are interested or not, if not, that's O.K. I just wanted to share Ardyss and the Body Magic with you...I'm glad D shared it me :)

Until next time...peace.


  1. Those things make you look great, but aren't they uncomfortable after a few hours?

    Following you from MBC.:)

  2. You will need a little help getting it on the first time and its recommended that you sleep in it the first time as well, but after that, its simple to put on and not supposed to be uncomfortable at all, if it is, you may not be in the correct size.

  3. So what do you think of them? Have you used them? Are they comfortable? If you are looking for a gym, ours is great-we go to the Sport and Health Club on Dale Blvd and they have a super Kids Klub there-the girls love it-we've been going since Claire was about 2 years old and it's all included in the family membership, which I think we pay about $60/month for-and they have a military discount. Also, the Kids Klub usually has several little "parties" or parent's night out type things each month and they are a LOT cheaper than a babysitter-usually about $25-40 total for all the kids and they run from about 6-10pm.


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