Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Housework Wednesday

Martha Stewart I am not! I actually abhor housework...I don't like doing dishes (even with a dishwasher), I don't like sweeping and mopping floors, I don't like vacuuming, cleaning toilets, laundry, ect. ect. The list could go on and on. I would say "Who DOES like cleaning house?" Buuuut, some ladies actually really do enjoy it (bless their hearts!) My own mother is one of these such ladies, she finds cleaning fun and when bored will clean to give herself something to do, and this is not a trait she passed on to me.
I put off cleaning sometimes until it cant be put off any longer and that is why I'm going to start implementing Housework Wednesdays here at my house! I'm going to cut down my time online dramatically on Wednesdays in order to focus more on my home that desperately needs my attention. I'm going to try and get as much as possible done so that I don't have to stress about it leading into the weekend, because the weekend should be about relaxing, having fun, and spending time with your family, NOT about cleaning the house (unless you fall into the cleaning is fun category).
So, I'm off to do the dishes and vacuum the floors and wash out the toilets and maybe some of you will do the same.
Lets get it done now ladies so our weekends are free!

Until next time...peace.


  1. I am one of those odd people in the 'cleaning is fun' category :)

  2. I used to hate it... and there are still some things that I hate doing... but I've come to the point where I much prefer it to the alternative - a mess! So I am morphing into one of those women who likes cleaning. I'm trying to like it, although I swore to my husband that we are hiring merry maids when we can afford it someday! :)

  3. Ugh, I'm with you, I abhor housework!
    Following now from MBC.


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