Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life, made easier! 2

I want to share a couple more products with you ladies that I think are genius inventions and definitely make life easier!
First up, Foaming soap dispensers like the one above from The Pampered Chef! Its a simple product but it serves such a wonderful saves me money! On the side of the pump are 2 lines, the soap fill line and the water fill line, all you do is fill it up to the 1st line with liquid soap and to the 2nd line with water, then gently turn upside down a few times to mix (don't shake) and wha la, instant foaming soap! It only takes a tiny bit of liquid soap to make an entire bottle of foam soap and only 1 pump of foam goes a LONG way! Which in turn makes your liquid soap go a long way, which in turn means you buy it less often and save money...its great! Plus kids love washing up with foam soap, something about it is just more fun that your standard bathroom soap. I have one of these pumps in my kitchen and in all our bathrooms, I just love it!
If you would like to get a few of your own, hit up your local Pampered Chef lady or visit their website and order online at soap dispenser

This next item I do not own and have never even tried, but when I saw it I got SO excited and will be getting one very VERY soon!
Ladies, let me ask you...have you ever had your hands full? I think ALL of us can answer with a loud resounding Y E S! I mean, we are women and mothers after all, on what occasion do we NOT have our hands full, right?

Let me introduce you to the Beverage Caddi....

It looks simple enough right? Well that is because it is...a simple design, a simple concept that solves a huge problem! All you do to use a beverage caddi is slip the strings onto one of your fingers, yes, only 1 of your fingers and wha are carrying your drink and you can also carry a handful of whatever else you need to carry and you wont drop or spill your drink on yourself...its genius I tell ya :) and I must have one A.S.A.P.
To learn more about the Beverage Caddi and to order one (or several) of your own please visit them at

Until next time...peace.


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